MANEKI NEKO [welcoming cat or lucky cat] is a Japanese sculpture which is believed to bring good luck to the owner..^-^..

back on track..^-^..

so i come again to share with you some of my stuff..let us scroll down..

 kopiah for acik..jelous with his adek..

 dishcloth & coaster for my fren's wedding

 the gift box to be posted..^-^..

 cover the toaster from burning other than bread..


 first time doing puff stitch baby beanie~

with extra large flower which is removable :)

ok..enough for now..wait for more okay..^-^..

at home..^-^..

Now its been 3 weeks I'm home..I'm free to do anything I like yabedabedoo..huhu~ come2 let me show you what I did yeahh..^-^..

I got the jar bottle from DAISO and really using it to drink my orange hee~ see the doily ;)

then I decided to crochet the cover..

and take it out for a walk hehe..^-^..

here's my lil brother who had been asking me to made him a beanie but it end up being a kopiah hehe~

side view~

 I made a case for my hooks before they get lost again and again~


Ok..more are coming..just wait ya~thanx a lot for all your support..^-^..


Why no new post??!!Hehe..not feeling well the mood to babbling this and that also flew away..ok. Now let us see what have been done. Before I left for my long vacation I had made a pair of rose pillow for my senior..

Ok..Omnom always the model hehe~

Next, one of my senior getting married and she asked me to made her hand bouquet. One of it are just made up from the artificial flowers and the other one I made the crocheted roses..GIGIH ok..^-^..

side view~

top view~

Here the crocheted roses...

not enough yet..

haa...side view~

top view~

Hope everybody is happy with their you Happy always ;)


Okay..just finish my ruffle rose pillow today after two weeks.LOL :O it is big okay..The diameter is  15" huhu~ Let see the result ..^-^..

Omnom always the model :D

Other than that there are few things that have been done while I'm doing the ruffle that's the reason why it took me two weeks to finish it hehe~

Here my spring kawaii bunny..i think it is only 4-5" tall including her ears hehe.. ok next ~

and here..nothing to do with crochet haha..^-^..i used a yoyo maker to do this and i love the result yess!!