MANEKI NEKO [welcoming cat or lucky cat] is a Japanese sculpture which is believed to bring good luck to the owner..^-^..


Why no new post??!!Hehe..not feeling well the mood to babbling this and that also flew away..ok. Now let us see what have been done. Before I left for my long vacation I had made a pair of rose pillow for my senior..

Ok..Omnom always the model hehe~

Next, one of my senior getting married and she asked me to made her hand bouquet. One of it are just made up from the artificial flowers and the other one I made the crocheted roses..GIGIH ok..^-^..

side view~

top view~

Here the crocheted roses...

not enough yet..

haa...side view~

top view~

Hope everybody is happy with their you Happy always ;)

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